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Salon de la Radio Connects Industry

Annual radio meeting put focus on conference sessions, workshops, awards and more

Salon de la Radio 2015, held Fe

b. 8–10 in Paris at the Centre de conférences et de réceptions Étoile Saint-Honoré, attracted some 4,468 visitors.

This year’s event featured approximately 50 conference and workshop sessions on such topics as digital development in France and abroad, the visualization of radio and the search for new ad revenue.

Addressing the audience, the chairman of the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA), Olivier Schrameck gave an upbeat talk on the subject of the future of digital terrestrial radio in the country. He referred to the recent CSA report, which encourages the deployment of digital in France.

Later, when interviewed on the spot for live radio broadcasts of the show, he praised the diversity and richness of the medium, both in its traditional form and on the Internet, and highlighted the connection between sound and image as a way to take full advantage of the possibilities of digital radio.

Other show highlights included a session from WorldDMB entitled “The development and the future of DAB in Europe,” which underscored digital terrestrial radio development and its future. Patrice Gélinet, head of the CSA’s Analog and Digital Radio group, mentioned the country’s well-known digital deployment issues brought forward by certain main radio groups that are questioning the extra costs of dual FM-DAB broadcasts. Gélinet emphasized that “quality national digital terrestrial services would cost three times less,” and that “Radio France is spending €6 million for longwave broadcasts.”

Digital Radio Mondiale was also on the agenda, putting emphasis on its many features and services. During its conference session, the organization highlighted both modes of the DRM standard: DRM30 (for AM frequencies) and DRM+ (for VHF including FM), as well as recent advances around the world.

The annual “Awards ON’R Qualifio” took place Sunday evening. At the ceremony, the Prix ON’R Qualifio “Produit de l’année 2015” (product of the year award), was attributed to WinMedia CEO Stéphane Tésorière, while the Prix ON’R Qualifio “Radio de l’année 2015” (radio of the year) honored nine radio stations in different categories.

Winners included: France Info, best thematic national station; Ouï FM, best national music station; Radio Phénix Campus Caen, best local station; Remzouille Radio, best Webradio; Couleur 3, best French public radio; and Crooner, best digital station.

The “Prix Maurice Chapot” was awarded to Pascal Hilaire of PHF Com for his courage and determination in his ongoing rehabilitation after having been victim of a major fall from a mast in 2014. “The Prix Maurice Chapot logically goes to Pascal because he represents the values and virtues of those in the radio industry,” said the organizers Philippe Chapot and Frédéric Brulhatour.

Exhibitors at this year’s event included Netia, Wheatstone, Save Diffusion, Nagra, Tieline, Audiopole, Eurocom, MultiCam, WinMedia and Digigram, which celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The 2016 Salon de la Radio is slated for Jan. 31–Feb. 2.