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Samsung Invests in Otto Radio

Content aggregation app developer receives venture capital from multinational

Otto RadioThis article has been amended to reflect that the amount of funding Otto Radio received from Samsung Next was unstated in the announcement and that the chief product of the company is also called Otto Radio. Otto Everywhere is the company’s API.

Consumer electronics giant Samsung, through its Samsung Next development arm, is investing in smart device content aggregation app developer Otto Radio, according to a release from Otto Radio.

The company’s chief product is the Otto Radio app, which suggests news and information articles along with podcasts based on a user’s interests. It is available for Android-based and Apple devices. The app is designed to be user platform-agnostic so it can provide content, uninterrupted, across smartphones, powered smart speakers, wireless earbuds, car infotainment systems, etc.

There is also a developer API for customization, Otto Everywhere. Otto Radio has worked with Uber to provide a customized app for its customers.