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Samsung Plans XM-Capable MP3 Player

Samsung Plans XM-Capable MP3 Player

Samsung Electronics and XM are working on the introduction of an MP3 player with XM capability by the end of the year.
Using a chip that the satcaster says makes any CE device XM-capable, the companies will produce two miniature Flash memory Samsung players that connect to an XM accessory kit.
When the players are connected to an XM docking station, users can store XM audio content for playback later. Users can also store personal digital content, including MP3 files and .wma files.
The storage issue was of big interest at CES in January; as RW Online reported then, many questions centered on whether the co-mingling of content would generate music copyright royalties for users.
XM said no, that the device would not allow its content nor the personal content to be re-distributed.
Using the Samsung device, subscribers will be able to ID songs they heard for purchase through a music downloading service. The players also allow users to create customized playlists, combining music files and XM programming they’ve saved.