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Sapphire Extends Lawo Radio Line

The unit features an extremely flat construction allows placement in the studio wherever it fits best.

Introduced at IBC2010, sapphire is the newest member of the Lawo radio console family.

Based on the Lawo crystal console, sapphire features an extremely flat construction that allows customers to place the console easily in the studio wherever it fits best.

Up to 40 faders can either be placed arbitrarily on individual studio islands or integrated into the desk, allowing moderators to work from different positions while the studio is on-air. Mono, stereo and 5.1 sources are possible as well, each of which can be assigned to a single fader.

Different modules with longer channel strips, dubbed Extensions, are available. They feature high-quality OLED displays, rotary controls, and buttons. An optional Overbridge can be added to allow displaying channels directly via the channel strips.

The heart of the sapphire is based on the DALLIS system with its powerful and flexible DSP infrastructure. Various other tools, such as an integrated router, signal processing with dynamics units, EQ, silence detects, or the integrated talkback function can be added.

Also, a Ravenna audio-over-IP interface features is planned for the console, too.