Satellite Interference Grows, Intelsat Exec Says

Coordination group meeting in Atlanta would like encoders to include data that would identify the source of the signal.
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The problem of interference to the satellite signals of broadcasters and others is getting worse, an Intelsat official says.

According to a report carried by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Khalid Chaudhry, VP of network operations for Intelsat, made the comments during a meeting of the World Broadcasting Unions International Satellite Operations Group at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

“Interference is coming in all shapes and sizes,” he said, and the problem is becoming more critical because of global demand for the Internet, including services for ships and aircraft.

While most interference is not intentional, a small amount is deliberate, some of it politically motivated, according to ABU’s account of his remarks.

WBU-ISOG is campaigning for encoders to include data that would identify the source of the signal, to help pinpoint where interference is coming from, ABU stated.


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