Satellite Radio's Appeal Explored

Satellite Radio's Appeal Explored
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Those who plan to get satellite radio in the next year or so tend to be commuters who are spending the most time in their cars and also use their cars for work. That's according to a survey released this week by Arbitron and Edison Media. Of the approximately 1,500 respondents, about 40% had not heard of either Sirius or XM specifically, yet consumers interested in satellite are some of radio's biggest listeners.
Those who are "very likely" to subscribe had driven more than 550 miles within the past 7 days and had an average daily commute of just over 70 miles.
Those interested might be getting satellite radio with a new car. Roughly a third of those interested are planning a vehicle purchase within the next 12 months, according to the survey, titled "Satellite Radio...Who Wants It, and Why?"


Satellite Radio Sees No Borders

The launch of satellite radio services in the United States has had unintended consequences south of the border, where some broadcasters in Mexico worry about potential competition from a satellite digital radio service someday.