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Satellite, Too, Sees TSL Slip

Satellite, Too, Sees TSL Slip

Turns out terrestrial radio is not the only medium competing with Internet radio and iPods for listeners.
Bridge Ratings released a report called “Where Are My Listeners Going?” and says it has seen a new trend: Not only is traditional radio seeing time-spent-listening declines year after year, but the study shows evidence of satellite radio being affected as well.
The organization’s ongoing multiyear study has been measuring the impact of digital media on terrestrial radio since 2004. This report compares TSL for terrestrial radio, satellite, Internet radio and MP3 players; it says terrestrial radio’s 12+ weekly listening has slid from 19:15 to 18:45 since the second quarter of 2005. Satellite radio saw its weekly TSL slip from 16 hours per week to 12:36.