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SBE 48 to Check Out Tesla Museum

The real question is whether lightning will shoot out of the sky?

SBE Chapter 48 (Denver) has an interesting field trip scheduled for Aug. 23, a visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The polymath genius spent time in Colorado Springs, 1889–90, researching wireless energy concepts. The museum houses some of his papers. It’s also involved in teaching some of Tesla’s concepts. The website says it is the only Tesla Museum in America. “We are dedicated to the preservation of the accomplishments, research and life of Nikola Tesla. We are the focal point of new and experimental scientific research in areas of electricity, free energy, magnetic resonance and many other scientific endeavors.”

In classically Teslic fashion, the SBE notice about the visit says, “It may be really cool, or it may be a bust.”

SBE 48 will be visiting with its fellow Denver-based SMPTE chapter. A $10 voluntary contribution is requested.

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