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SBE Names Committee Chairs

They handle government relations, EAS and other biz

The Society of Broadcast Engineers named its committee chairs for the coming year.

The organization held its national meeting earlier this month. The chairs were announced by new President Vinny Lopez.

Here are the assignments for 2009–10:

Awards Jim Leifer, CPBE By-Laws Gary Liebisch, CPBE Certification Jim Bernier, CPBE CBNT Chapter Liaison Mark Heller, CBRE CTO EAS Ralph Beaver, CBT Education David Priester, CPBE Fellowship Troy Pennington, CSRE CBNT Finance Jerry Massey, CPBE 8-VSB AMD CBNT Frequency Coordination Joe Snelson, CPBE Government Relations Barry Thomas, CPBE CBNT International Charles W. Kelly Jr. IT Strategy Mark T. Simpson, CPBE CBNT AMD Marketing & Public Relations Chriss Scherer, CPBE CBNT Membership Scott Mason, CPBE Student Chapters Sub-committee Jeff Smith CEA CBNT Nominations Jim Leifer, CPBE Publications Conrad Trautmann, CPBE Strategic Planning Ralph Hogan, CPBE DRB CBNT Sustaining Membership Scott Mason, CPBE