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SCBA Seeks Engineers to Help BMW

Looking to combine engineering resources to tackle in-dash AM interference issue

The Southern California Broadcasters Association is looking for engineers to help BMW solve the issue of electric motors causing interference to the AM portion of their tuners.

We reported last week the automaker’s i3 tuner is FM only for that reason; today, we’re reporting the i8 model also leaves out AM.

In a note to members, SCBA President Thom Callahan notes that the broadcast trade lobby is canvassing engineering schools and looking for engineering experts who would be willing to help BMW solve the issue.

Telling members he’s trying to be pro-active, Callahan also says in the note the SCBA is soliciting engineering professors from USC, UCLA and the Jet Propulsion Lab to serve as advisors to the ad hoc group.

Anyone willing to help form the committee should contact Thom Callahan.