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SCMS South-West Office Is in Temporary Quarters

SCMS South-West Office Is in Temporary Quarters

Tyler Callis, who has to leave his Texas location due to Hurricane Rita, said the southwest sales office of SCMS which he runs is operating uninterrupted from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
He said the office’s contact numbers are operational and “orders are being taken and managed without delay.” Callis said in an e-mail that he plans return to Beaumont, Texas, as soon as the public
infrastructure can support operations.
Separately, he said SCMS is part of a new Univision Radio and Television facility going in at 5100 SW Freeway in Houston.
“For over a year, we have been working with the Univision staff to coordinate the audio routing and control infrastructure.” The facility will use the Radio Systems StudioHub wiring system and Telos 2101 telephone talk-show system.