SCMS South-West Office Is in Temporary Quarters

SCMS South-West Office Is in Temporary Quarters
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Tyler Callis, who has to leave his Texas location due to Hurricane Rita, said the southwest sales office of SCMS which he runs is operating uninterrupted from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
He said the office's contact numbers are operational and "orders are being taken and managed without delay." Callis said in an e-mail that he plans return to Beaumont, Texas, as soon as the public
infrastructure can support operations.
Separately, he said SCMS is part of a new Univision Radio and Television facility going in at 5100 SW Freeway in Houston.
"For over a year, we have been working with the Univision staff to coordinate the audio routing and control infrastructure." The facility will use the Radio Systems StudioHub wiring system and Telos 2101 telephone talk-show system.