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Scott & ENCO Join Forces

New partnership to service SS32 legacy systems

In the wake of Google’s moves to depart radio, the always nimble Dave Scott has returned, sort of, to the digital audio delivery system game.

Scott has teamed up with ENCO Systems to form Scott-ENCO, a company to service legacy SS32 systems, developed by one of Scott’s former companies, Scott Studios (later purchased by Google as a core of its radio automation system).

In their announcement, the companies made no bones about going after the business they see as being left behind by Google. Scott said: “I’ve rehired a number of my best techs after Google laid them off … We’ll support and tune-up software and hardware for SS32 systems.”

He added, “Scott-ENCO will provide new options for this great gear. Tons of SS32 owners have asked me to do this. In partnership with ENCO we’ll maintain SS32 systems affordably.” Google itself is in the process of seeking a buyer for its automation business, as reported here earlier.

The two also said that if upgrades are appropriate, they’re ready to provide them.

ENCO is a digital audio delivery company. President Gene Novacek said: “I’m sure that good support will be available for SS32 from the ‘factory’… [but] for stations that have outgrown their software, our new Presenter system, developed with valuable input from Dave Scott, is the most user-friendly available.”

Scott founded Scott Studios in 1992 and was CEO through 2004; he then was executive VP and GM of dMarc for two years after that company acquired it. He’s also former chairman/CEO of TM Century and Century 21 Programming; those became TM Jones and are now the TM Studios division of Dial Global. Lately he’s been running, a traffic and billing software venture, and, an automated weather service.