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Scotty, Can You Fix Th—- ZAPPP!!!!

Could anti-snore device be adapted to 'train' station personnel to leave engineers alone?

Here’s a device that may have applications beyond its intended purpose.

Biomedical device company HBI-USA announced SnorePro, a wristband that issues a programmable digital pulse to prevent snoring. It issues something like a training shock, akin to that delivered by a dog collar, to “train” someone to stop snoring.

I asked a broadcast engineer if this could have implications at the station level. He said yes; broadcast researchers perhaps could modify the device’s sensing algorithm to issue training pulses to wayward programming staff, sales personnel or PR staff who intrude into engineering areas with questions and/or complaints.

“If you are a station staffer given a new wristwatch for the holidays by your engineering team, you might want to avoid the engineering shop for a while ’til the battery loses its fresh charge,” said this source. I take it he’s jesting, but maybe not!