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Scranton’s WWRR Fined for Lack of EAS Gear

Licensee Bold Gold faces $10,000 penalty

The FCC fined WWRR(FM) in Scranton, Pa., $10,000 for failing to install EAS equipment at the station.

Following up on a complaint, a field agent inspected the station in 2009 and found no EAS equipment installed; a WWRR engineer told the FCC inspector there was no EAS equipment in the main studio, though there was working EAS gear in two co-located FMs, WYCK and WICK.

In its notice, the commission said that although owner Bold Gold Media Group bought the station in 2006, the licensee didn’t install EAS equipment until February of 2010, and that’s why the total fine is $10,000, which is $2,000 higher than a base EAS penalty.

Bold Gold has 30 days to pay the fine, or justify why it should be reduced or cancelled.