SDRs to Gather in DC

Software-defined radio organization looks forward
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The SDR Forum is a group of professionals and companies laboring in the seemingly rarefied field of Software-Defined Radios, yet their work has implications across many industries such as defense, commercial/public broadcast and even emergency services.

The SDR Forum will be convening its SDR '09 Technical Conference and Product Exposition early next month, Dec. 1–4, just outside of Washington proper in Arlington, Va.

Speakers and presenters will be representing organizations like the FCC, European Defense Agency and DARPA. Companies represented include Harris, Motorola, Rockwell Collins, General Dynamics, Hitachi and Thales.

Academics from Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, U. Cal./Irvine, U. Cal./San Diego, UCLA, University of Ireland, Carnegie Mellon University, Brandenburg University of Technology, Southern Methodist University, University of Maryland, Aalborg University, Hanyang University, University of Nantes, University of Calgary, U.S. Naval Academy and Yokohama National University will be on hand delivering papers as well.

More than 100 technical presentations are planned. Topics of papers, workshops and tutorials will include VoIP, radio security, wireless technologies, signal processing, advanced applications and coding/programming.


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“We are very concerned about the implications for all non-profit broadcasters, radio, television, Web-based, all of them, because we feel this might be the beginning of an initiative for the federal government to step into all non-profit organizations, to look for roles for governance.”