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Seacrest Foundation Opens Another Kids’ Media Center

‘The Voice’ is now on the ‘air’ in Philadelphia

Hospitalized kids in Philly have a new media outlet to engage them starting today.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation chose the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as its newest home for “The Voice,” a closed-circuit broadcast multimedia center where young patients can do radio, TV and new media activities including broadcasting like a DJ and watching live artists.

The ribbon-cutting was today.

“The Voice will offer a creative outlet for patients to learn about the broadcast arts, operate an in-house studio or even to listen to the broadcast, and call in requests,” the hospital announced.

“It will give them a little bit of control that is so often lost while in the hospital. The Voice will also involve students from local journalism schools, colleges and universities to provide an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in broadcasting, programming and operating a multi-media center.”

The Seacrest Foundation earlier opened a similar center in Atlanta, and plans others. At bottom is a photo of the talent position including BSI Op-X management system, E-V mic and SAS board.

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