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Second Calling Center Opens for Arbitron

Second Calling Center Opens for Arbitron

Arbitron’s second calling center is in operation, after a 12-week training period. The calling center is in an undisclosed location in the southwestern United States and is involved in calls for the fall book.
The company said it selected the location “in order to draw on a large pool of skilled telephone interviewers who speak both Spanish and English.” It employs approximately 100 people, full- or part-time.
The company said it would be able to handle 60% of its radio survey calling, up from past capacity of 30% at its Maryland location alone. It also uses outside suppliers.
Also, to help with response rates, the company said, the center’s calls can be identified on the caller ID devices of phone systems that accommodate remote caller ID messaging.
“In the future, the center will have the capacity to identify when an answering machine or voice mail system has picked up a call,” it stated. “Arbitron has recruitment messages tailored for voice mail, giving the potential survey participant the option to call Arbitron back in order to say yes.”
The company declined to identify the specific location, citing security reasons.