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Securenet Systems Adds Amsterdam Datacenter

Enables company to provide better services to Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Securenet Systems, Inc. has added a datacenter in Amsterdam, its second in the European Union and fourth total.

The company has again increased bandwidth capacity, and the addition gives Securenet Systems the ability to provide faster and better services to European, Mideast and North African markets via an additional 10 GBps multi-diverse fiber backbone.

“As we roll out more datacenter locations, we are able to provide online listeners with consistent response times, particularly where mobile has a big reach,” said Director of New Media Skye Davitkov. “The expansion also helps us provide better response times for international ad partners as well, giving us an edge in the global advertising marketplace.”

Securenet Systems also offers a streaming platform for radio, with features and tools to maximize listener time and create new media revenue. Its interactive features, free mobile apps and a high-payout advertising network and listener features via its Cirrus Player utilize the German-engineered Fraunhofer HE-AACv2 codec for CD-quality listening. The company also integrates the Fraunhofer codec into its custom studio encoder.