Selections Made for Several New NCE CPs

Selections Made for Several New NCE CPs
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The FCC has issued tentative selections for construction permits for several new noncommercial educational FM stations. These were cases where two or more applicants sought a CP with the goal of serving different but nearby communities.
In these mutually exclusive applications, the rules required the commission to make a "threshold determination." The Audio Division of the Media Bureau made the selections:
- WAMC was selected for a CP to serve Remsen, N.Y., over an application of Souls Harbor United Pentecostal Church, which wanted to serve Utica.
- The FCC chose Public Radio Inc. for a CP in Key West, Fla., over the Mary V. Harris Foundation, which hoped to serve Stock Island.
- The commission chose Living Proof Inc. to serve Lunenburg, Mass., over three applicants for nearby communities including CSN International, the University of Massachusetts and WAVM(FM).
- It chose Cornerstone University to serve Springfield, Mich., over American Family Association, which wanted a CP in Augusta, Mich.
- And Positive Alternative Radio Inc. was chosen to serve Blennerhassett, W.Va., over Shofar Broadcasting Corp., which wanted to serve Eden, Ohio.
Petitions to deny are due within 30 days.


New NCE CP Application Approved

We reported in January about the new rules permitting commercial stations to change their city of license. However noncoms were not permitted to file for a new city of license until the FCC Form 340, an application for a construction permit for an NCE station, was revised.