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Senate Acts on Clyburn Nomination

Former South Carolina Public Service Commissioner gets full five-year term at FCC

The Senate has confirmed Mignon Clyburn for another term as an FCC commissioner.

Since 2009, the former South Carolina Public Service Commissioner had been filling out the remainder of the term for former commissioner Jonathan Adelstein; Clyburn’s new, full five-year term is retroactive to July 1, 2012. 

Chairman Julius Genachowski called Clyburn “an excellent and dedicated public servant.”

Commissioner Robert McDowell said of his colleague: “While serving as a commissioner, Mignon has proven to be a passionate advocate for her priorities. At the same time, she has been willing to work towards bipartisan consensus on several important issues, such as finding compromise on our comprehensive reforms of universal service.”

If the Senate hadn’t acted, with the 113th Congress set to convene tomorrow, President Obama would have needed to renominate Clyburn.

The Senate also confirmed Dr. Joshua Wright, a Republican, as a commissioner on the FTC.