Senate Says Yes to National Amber

Senate Says Yes to National Amber
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The U.S. Senate likes Amber.
It was unanimous this week in approving a bill to create a national system to help find children who may have been kidnapped and taken across state lines. The bill by Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison and Democrat Dianne Feinstein was supported by the NAB and ripped through the legislative process in days. The House is considering a similar measure that provides more money than the Senate version.
Amber systems already are in place in many states and localities. The Senate bill would spend money to help local organizations set up their alert systems. The bill also provides for a national coordinator position.


National Amber Plan Takes Shape

Proponents of the Amber Alert Plan are applauding the passage of a national plan targeting kidnappers...Some EAS observers, meanwhile, still worry about the growing pains associated with a national Amber Plan - one they fear could be rapidly inundated and rendered useless by unproductive listings.