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Senators Introduce Indecency Bill

Senators Introduce Indecency Bill

Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, and Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., have introduced a bill aimed at curbing broadcast indecency.
The “Indecent and Gratuitous and Excessive Violence Broadcasting Control Act of 2005” would require the FCC to fine broadcasters $500,000 per indecent utterance, with a $3 million per day cap. For TV, the measure requires the commission to assess the effectiveness of the V-Chip and other technologies to protect children from so-called indecent programming.
It would also mandate that network-affiliated stations be given a “reasonable opportunity to review all recorded or scripted programming in advance so they can reject it if they feel it is too excessively violent or sexual,” according to Hutchison.
“If our broadcasters are not willing to voluntarily protect our children, then it is the responsibility of Congress to step in,” Hutchison said. “Broadcasters do not have a constitutional right to flood the airwaves with excessive violence and sex.”
A similar measure passed by the House does not include violence.