Sennheiser Headphone Sales Prompt Creation of New Division

Sennheiser has created a consumer electronics subsidiary.
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Sennheiser has created a consumer electronics subsidiary.

Radio World’s sister publication Pro Sound News reports that, with headphones now a major portion of its business model, the manufacturer decided it was time to launch Sennheiser Consumer Electronics.

The division is split between branches in Ireland and Singapore. Tullamore, Ireland, is where transducer manufacturing, assembly of Sennheiser headphones and fulfillment are based. Singapore is home to product marketing, product development and purchasing.


Sennheiser Establishes Global Relations Division

To aid users who operate across national borders, Sennheiser has established a new global relations division to harmonize user support around the world for Sennheiser wired and wireless products, as well as Neumann and Klein + Hummel products.