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Sennheiser Release HMD Series of Boomsets

Sennheiser Release HMD Series of Boomsets

Sennheiser is hoping to rise to the call for more high-fidelity, flexible and competitive boomsets with the introduction of its HMD 280 and the HMD 281 models.
The boomsets feature a lightweight, ergonomic 102-dB SPL headphone monitoring system, which attenuates ambient noise by 32 dB via a closed-back, circumaural design. They’re super-cardioid microphones mounted on a flexible, acoustically isolated boom. Earpiece attenuation, low structure-borne noise and high microphone directivity were added to ensure reliable communications despite outside noise.
The HMD 280 has two earpieces and the HMD 281 has one. The stereo HMD 280 is suited to rental companies, ENG personnel, live presenters, reporters and intercom operators. Users can mount the microphone boom from either earpiece, and the unit collapses for easier transport. The HMD 281 is suited for use in talkback applications with TV and film camera operators. Users can wear the earpiece on either side.