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Several Broadcast Warehouse Transmitters Win Type Certification

Several Broadcast Warehouse Transmitters Win Type Certification

Progressive Concepts said four models of Broadcast Warehouse FM transmitters it carries have been FCC Type Certified.
The transmitters are the TX25, TX50, TX150, and the TX300. The company says they are appropriate for FM, LPFM, small stations and cable modulators. The stereo transmitters are now FCC Part 73 Certified.
The models include stereo generator and audio leveler/limiter and have a continuously variable RF output. They use an alphanumeric-type LCD frequency readout and selector. The supplier says a “virtual VFO” dual loop PLL system allows audio flatness to below 10 Hz.
The transmitters are SWR foldback-protected. The rear panel has balanced XLR audio input jacks with separate level controls, two BNC connectors for multiplex (composite) loop-through operation or for external processor/stereo encoder input.