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Shapiro Lauds Gov. Brown’s UAS Stance

He vetoed California Senate Bill 142

“We are pleased that Gov. Brown recognized the concerns expressed by the broad coalition of private and commercial users, manufacturers and retailers of UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] and vetoed SB 142,” Consumer Electronics Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro said in a statement released Sept. 9.

California Senate Bill 142 would have restricted the flight of unmanned aerial systems. Shapiro said that “issues of privacy and drones should be addressed” but this legislation took “the wrong approach.”

Instead, he said, “We look forward to a balanced and thoughtful UAS policy framework from the federal government and the stakeholders group — a process that will help deliver as many as 18,000 more jobs and more than $14 billion in economic impact to California in just the first decade once federal rules are implemented.”

The CEA’s economic research indicates that the United States will reach one million UAS flights per day within the next 20 years — but only if regulatory conditions are right. The U.S. consumer electronics industry trade association also supports the UAS safety campaign “Know Before You Fly,” which provides prospective UAS operators with information and safety guidance.

“Safe, responsible drone use will transform the way we do business — allowing these devices to assist in search and rescue and disaster relief missions, improve crop production and efficiency, and create safer work environments for infrastructure maintenance,” Shapiro concluded.