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Shively Labs Filter Travels to Paris for HD-R Demo

Shively Labs Filter Travels to Paris for HD-R Demo

Shively Labs said Towercast is using the Shively Model 2914 filter as part of an HD Radio demo in Paris – the first European IBOC installation operating for 24 hours a day, say the involved companies.
TowerCast teamed with parent company NRJ Group, which owns four radio networks and syndicator SIRTI to begin broadcasting HD Radio on a test license granted for 88.2 MHz.
The Shively Model 2914-4 four-cavity low-power bandpass filter is tuned to suppress out-of-band emissions that may cause interference to broadcast signals on neighboring frequencies.
According to Bob Surette, Shively Labs’ director of sales engineering, “The broadcast transmission environment is complex and experience has shown that for some installations it may be desirable to suppress sideband emissions even below the IBOC mask.”
The appeal of IBOC to European broadcasters is the same as it is to their North American counterparts – to be able to move into digital broadcasting without having to give up their analog signals, according to technology developer Ibiquity Digital.
Radio World awarded the Shively Model 2900 series a “Cool Stuff” Award at NAB2006.