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Shively Labs’ Surette Will Retire

Director of sales engineering steps down after 38 years with company

BRIDGTON, Maine�Bob Surette will retire after 38 years with the company, Shively Labs� Vice President Martyn Gregory announced in a press release this week. Surette served as director of sales engineering for the FM broadcast antennas, filters and combiner manufacturer.

Surette joined Shively in 1973, as the �pattern guru.� He stayed with the company for six years, until he transitioned to Dielectric. However, he returned to Shively Labs in 1981 and has been there ever since.

Gregory also noted that Surette �has spent the greater part of his engineering career actively supporting his customers and his friends within the industry and whether he offered his support at peer groups such as the IEEE BTS, AFCCE and of course the SBE Ennes Workshops series of educational presentations, or whether by answering a customer�s question from a remote transmitting site.�

He went on to say: �Bob�s expertise and familiarity with directional FM antennas and RF systems is recognized universally and it has been one of the fundamentals in Shively�s ongoing success. Apart from a few very brief flirtations with higher frequencies, Bob has focused his entire career on FM generally and Shively Labs in particular.�