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Shively Refines IAD Concept for HD Radio

Shively Refines IAD Concept for HD Radio

Shively Labs said it continues to refine the IAD Antenna System concept it introduced last year. It is touted as a cost-effective solution for side-mount antennas transitioning to HD Radio.
The design duplicates existing azimuth patterns, while it requires no additional tower space or analog power and minimizes the size of the digital transmitter required.
Initially the IAD models were end fed only and designed for up to 10 kW transmitters. In the past year, Shively has expanded the technology to include any size transmitter, and it can be made to include beam tilt and null fill.
The digital arrays use a power divider for a corporate feed system as well as a fine matching transformer to compensate for any real-world tower effects that will detune the digital array.