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Shoars Book Focuses on Power of Mentoring

Author diagnoses what’s holding women back

While many businesses in radio struggle, author Eric Shoars wonders why some of “the best and brightest people,” referring to women, “are being kept on the bench?”

Shoars, author of the new book “Women Under Glass: The Secret Nature of Glass Ceilings and the Steps to Overcome Them,” claims to have discovered the “secret nature of glass ceilings” and “how women can finally break through the barriers holding them back.”

He explained that the book, though originating with a look at the radio industry, has a broader interest.

“The book is meant for a mass audience. However, the original research was done using the radio industry as a case study. Some chapters are for anyone in any industry. Chapter 5 is specific to radio but, again, is used as a case study and model for other industries to model.

“Part of my goal for reader of the book was that women in any industry could use the model the women in radio created as a template for their own industry.”

He promises that a dollar for every book sold will be donated to Mentoring and Inspiring Women programs.