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Shoutcast Adds New Services

Integration with TargetSpot provides “audience monetization”

Internet audio streaming company Shoutcast, acquired by Radionomy from AOL earlier this year, has announced several new services.

Chief amongst the improvements is a relationship with the TargetSpot ad network. The company describes this as “audience monetization.” By working with TargetSpot, Shoutcast users can insert ads and make use of TargetSpot’s ads. Currently, this covers the United States and France. A release says that German and Spanish markets should be covered later this year.

A release also says that Shoutcast has available higher-quality streaming and an unlimited number of streaming slots. In addition, there are audience analytics tools now available.

Radionomy CEO Alexandre Saboundjian said, “We are happy to announce that beginning today Shoutcast stations can enjoy an immediate monetization solution and better tools to grow their audience. Now, making money from your audience involves only a simple step.”