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Barix AG – Johannes Rietschel

Barix develops and markets innovative, IP-based audio and control products.

(click thumbnail)Johannes RietschelQ. What kind of products or services does your company offer for radio broadcasters?

A. Barix develops and markets innovative, IP-based audio and control products. The audio products allow distribution, capturing and monitoring of audio signals in many different applications (STL, program distribution, remote broadcasting, infrastructure monitoring, backup audio paths), while the control products are ideal for station control and monitoring.

Q. What’s new that you will show at NAB2007 and that radio broadcasters should look for there?

A. Over the course of last year, Barix overhauled the product line; the new products are now shown this year at NAB2007. In addition, on the software side, major improvements have been achieved. Through a partnership with Streamguys, broadcasters can now stream audio over the Internet to a large number of receivers with very low latency.

Q. How is your new product offering different from what’s available on the market?

A. Barix products are very versatile, useable for many different applications, are extremely reliable, low power, “pc-free architecture” and very low cost (starting at $195).

Q. Where are you based, and how many employees do you have? Anything else we should know about your company?

A. Barix AG is based in Zurich, Switzerland. A sister company in the U.S. (Barix Technology Inc., based in St. Paul, MN) is handling the Americas. We develop the products in Central Europe (Germany and Switzerland) and produce in the Far East with partners. Barix has 17 employees, spread over different countries.