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Fraunhofer IIS Releases ContentServer R7 for DAB+, DRM

Latest release of head-end technology available in Fraunhofer’s OEM partner products

Fraunhofer IIS’ newest available product is the latest version of its ContentServer head-end technology for DAB+ and DRM digital radio, the ContentServer R7. The recently released R7 is designed to assist with getting audio content and data services on air, while also utilizing the latest standard upgrades and new productivity features.

Some of the new features available via the ContentServer R7 include the automatic Audio Loudness Normalization and Monitoring and additional IP-based Audio Streaming Source Interfaces. This loudness normalization feature is based on Fraunhofer Sonamic technology and is supported by the unit’s internal audio encoders or attenuates the incoming audio to obtain and maintain the target loudness level per Loudness Units relative to Full Scale.

Of the additional IP-based audio sources, the inputs now comprise Livewire/Ravenna/AES67-based raw audio streams and consumer-type Icecast/SHOUTcast streams. The ContentServer can also be used as an end point for RTP-based audio bridges to accept uncompressed or compressed audio streams without external devices. There’s also support for audio level monitoring, audio source remote listening through HTML5 browsers and silence/clipping detection.

Additional functionalities for the ContentServer R7 include an interactive graphical system status overview; EWF with CAP import; JSON/XML RPC management and data interfaces; audio cross-redundancy; EDI Switch for DAB; localized multiplex output; automatic creation of playlists as Journaline pages; DAB V2.1.1 compliance; and stream monitoring.

ContentServer R7 is available as part of Fraunhofer’s OEM partners products.

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