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IBC Sneak Peek: Orban Unveils Optimod 8700i LT

Lite version features five- and two-band processing, multipath mitigation and more

The new Orban Optimod 8700i LT audio processor is a lite version of the firm’s flagship Optimod 8700i.

According to the company, the economical Optimod 8700i LT combines versatile five-band and two-band processing with various features of the 8700i. It supports both analog FM transmission and digital media including DAB+, HD Radio and streaming.

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In addition, it provides functionalities such as the multipath mitigator phase corrector, which the company says, can reduce multipath distortion without compromising the stereo separation. The unit also features a subharmonic synthesizer so users can add modern-sounding bass punch to older recordings.

With dual redundant power supplies and safety bypass relays, the 8700i LT promises carefree 24/7 operation. Like the 8700i, the 8700i LT includes Orban’s MX limiter technology, which lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes preemphasis-induced high frequency loss.

Further features include digital MPX output, ITU BS-412 multiplex power control, ITU-R BS.1770-3+ loudness control as well as a built-in RDS encoder.

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Orban also offers an upgrade option where the 8700i LT can be transformed later into a full-featured 8700i. This upgrade includes a dual-redundant Dante AoIP interface with full AES67 support and a streaming monitor output. Additionally, the Xponential loudness algorithm will be added which brings hypercompressed music back to life.

IBC Stand: 8.D93