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ChyronHego Upgrades Lineup

Camio has new features for GUI

ChyronHego’s Camio newsroom platform is seeing an upgrade to its GUI allowing features from it stablemate Prime such as “XMP, autofill, layers, and GTC movies, and the Camio Rundown now enables Prime Graphics scene playout on screens of all sizes and shapes, including studio walls,” according to a release.

In addition there is a new Media Engine for rendering stills and animations in numerous media workflows to more efficiently handle pixels.

And speaking of Prime (pictured), Version 3.5 has a new G-Sync/command scheduler that synchronizes outputs between channels of the same server or between different servers — giving operators the ability to synchronize graphic events to multiple screens.

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The LyricX graphics creation reaches Version 4.1, now including enhanced auto-hide features for building more logic into a scene and a new advanced keyboard with flex keys that offer flexibility with application and scene-based control. The new keyboard can be configured to support over 300 commands and supports modifier keys. The new LyricX enables users to create warp clips built in Adobe After Effects and attach them to any object in the scene for highly creative transformations of a scene object’s pixels.