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IBC Sneak Peek: GatesAir Adds Intraplex Features

Video transport added to audio transport platform

GatesAir is adding a video feature to its Intraplex Ascent IP audio multistream transport platform. The Ascent SRT Gateway, “SRT” for Secure Reliable Transport,” will transport any real-time video protocol, the company says.

It also has GatesAir’s Dynamic Stream Splicing which utilizes a secondary stream for signal reception assurance against errors or packet dropouts.

GatesAir VP and GM for the Intraplex Product Group Keyur Parikh explained, “Since our new Ascent SRT Gateway application supports stream splicing, we can effectively reduce latency for SRT retransmission, and optimize network redundancy for video distribution. … “This is especially useful for our customers who are distributing real-time video and audio over microwave, fiber and IP connections, and transporting those high-bandwidth streams to multiple studios or transmitter sites.”

He adds, “The Ascent SRT Gateway application scales very seamlessly with its multi-core hardware platform, opening a broad diversity of media transport applications to support national TV or radio networks.”

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