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IBC Sneak Peek: Wheatstone Introduces Strata 32

IP audio console offers 64 channels and latest IP audio innovation in a 40-inch frame

Wheatstone’s new Strata 32 audio console features 64 channels and IP technology in a 40-inch frame. The compact IP audio console has dedicated faders for eight subgroups and two masters along with 32 physical faders that can be layered for 64 channels.

The company says Strata 32 integrates with all the major production automation systems and comes with IP audio mix engine and optional stagebox.

It is the latest in a family of consoles powered by Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network, an AES67 compatible IP audio ecosystem with online mixing, audio processing and virtual development tools as well as SIP/VoIP and codec appliances.

Strata 32 provides access to all resources in the network through a touchscreen interface with a menu for adjusting EQ dynamics, setting talkback, configuring mix-minus feeds and bus matrices, muting mic groups and managing sources and destinations. Per-channel OLEDs display all relevant editing and operating functions at a glance.

In addition, Strata 32 has access to all sources in the network and any channel can connect to any audio source or destination, using any preferred audio format at any time, whether it’s HD/SDI, AES, MADI, AoIP, Analog or TDM.

The console’s Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is capable of 1,024 channels of simultaneous digital signal processing and provides features, such as a new automixer with four separate automix groups and onscreen weight control.

The optional 4RU StageBox One extends console I/O, providing 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analog line outputs and eight AES3 inputs and eight AES3 outputs as well as 12 logic ports and two Ethernet ports. StageBox One works with all WheatNet-IP audio-networked consoles.

IBC Stand: 8.C91