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IBC Sneak Peek: WorldCast APT Mobile SureStreamer Eases Remote Tasks

Designed to provide quality content distribution, while reducing operating costs

The WorldCast APT Mobile SureStreamer technology is a new Mobile Network Access solution designed specifically for live remotes and OBs.

According to WorldCast Systems, the solution, which leverages SureStream, promises “flawless content distribution and reduces operating costs” by distributing content over 3G/4G public internet links rather than ISDN, MPLS or satellite. The technology works with most portable codec brands to deliver  uninterrupted radio and video directly from the field.

Other advantages include zero-field configuration, low latency with the TCP-free signal chain and zero drop-outs. What’s more, it’s easy-to-carry with its lightweight shoulder bag.

WorldCast Systems says they have carried out multiple field testing of the solution’s different applications for sports broadcasters, remote desktops, and journalists at major events, and that it has proven reliable. As stated by Conor Ewings, Broadcast Engineer at Bauer Media in Northern Ireland, the solution “has been a game-changer for [his station]” and the “latency it gives is beyond expectations…rock-solid at 60ms and not a single packet has been dropped.”

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