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MaxxKonnect and Vortex Partner for Connectivity

They offer the CallMed platform in combination with MaxxKonnect Wireless

MaxxKonnect and Vortex Communications are highlighting a partnership to provide reliable, high-quality audio connectivity over the public internet. 

They say their package creates a low-cost solution for sporting events, live broadcasts and remote interviews. They’ll be talking about it at the NAB Show.

MaxxKonnect provides prioritized, high-speed LTE internet service for broadcast applications; it says its service provides higher priority and higher QoS on carrier networks to avoid bandwidth congestion at large events like concerts.

“Coupled with Vortex’s CallMe IP Audio Codec solution, reliable low-delay 20 kHz audio connectivity is achieved at the touch of a button,” the companies said in an announcement.

“Data is pooled for multiple users to avoid overage charges, and multi-SIM solutions are also available, offering reliable connections from remote mountaintop sites to crowded downtown venues.”

CallMe uses Opus audio encoding and offers balanced analog stereo, AES67 Dante and USB audio for connection to USB mixers and headsets. “With SmartStream, a single CallMe-T codec can stream to multiple destinations, including operating as two completely separate mono codecs in the one box streaming to different destinations, including using different audio encoding parameters,” they said.

Chris Roth of MaxxKonnect said a user could pair a CallMe T hardware codec with any basic USB mixer and an MK router. “The CallMe T has quick connect buttons on it. Roll out to a high school football game with everything in a case. Open the case, plug in power, wait for everything to boot. Press a Connect button on the CallMe T and boom, you’re on the air.”

For remote interviews, CallMe diRECt connects using Opus but records the host and guest independently at each end. “When the call is over, it downloads the remote guest recording to the host, so you’ve got full fidelity audio to produce your final product.” CallMe software runs in a browser and is platform-agnostic, working on a phone, iPad, Android tablet or secure computer. 

At NAB, Vortex CallMe will be in Booth C2226 while MaxxKonnect is Booth W2849.

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