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Tower Safety at Forefront of NATE Unite

Set for Feb. 22, this year’s educational tracks will focus on administration, engineering and health and safety

Just before Austin Powers and Dolly Parton (or their close facsimiles) walk on stage to entertain attendees of the upcoming NATE UNITE conference, a more sobering discussion will be part of the educational sessions on tap during the convention.

On day two of the four-day conference at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, the NATE Unite 2022 show will bring together a series of sessions, courses and exhibits on safety and communication for those in the tower and wireless communications infrastructure, construction, service and maintenance industries.

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This year, three tracks of educational sessions will be featured at the conference including an Administrative/Business track, Technical/Engineering track and Health and Safety track.

Sessions this year will take a close look at safety measures in several sessions including “Climbing Safety: Beyond the ABCs,” that will delve into those safety topics that are sometimes skipped during a typical tower climbing safety course. Led by the safety equipment company Ergodyne, the session will highlight a series of strategies and solutions that can be used to build a comprehensive safety planning program.

A second safety session — titled “Capstan Hoist Applications and Safety” — will bring together a product specialist, equipment demonstrator and an engineer to discuss the common uses of capstan hoists in the telecom industry with a focus on safety strategies like rope selection, fleet angle and rigging techniques.

While one educational session will discuss include proper communication between safety groups and communications firms, another will give an update on NATE’s new Climber/Rescuer Training Standards (CRTS), which were updated and released in January 2022. Staffed by a group of technicians, consultants and members of the tower industries, the panel will look at the newly revamped CRTS document, which evolved from the former NATE Course Training Plan/Course Training Standards (CTP/CTS) document. The session will give an overview of the changes in this new standards document and how these changes might impact future trainings.

The NATE Unite conference will also include networking receptions, an exhibit floor and a keynote luncheon where the aforementioned Austin and Dolly will entertain alongside Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

The conference will span four days — Feb. 21 to 24 — and will be held at the 300,000-square-foot Caesars Forum conference center that opened across the street from Caesars Palace in October 2020.