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Axon Series Is for Remote Telemetry

Davicom brings new offerings to NAB Show

Davicom has two new, intelligent products for remote telemetry. They are autonomous devices for alarm, monitoring and automation functionalities at a price the company says is suitable for smaller applications.  

“Thanks to their SNMP agents, these products are the perfect remote telemetry companions to report to any SNMP Manager, including Davicom’s Cortex Series,” Davicom states. “Moreover, their HTML5 web-based interfaces provide an easy-to-operate environment for visualization and configuration of the units.”

The Axon Series comes in three versions. 

The Axon-8A is a compact module with eight analog inputs (bipolar, differential, 12-bit resolution, 1 MΩ, ±0.5, ±2.5, ±5, ±10, ±20, +40 or -40 V, 4-20 mA input mode) for alarms and automation. 

The Axon-8D includes eight status inputs to read logic levels or wet/dry relay contacts, with programmable active-high or active-low settings.

And the Axon-5R comes with five form-C relays that can be used to control other on-site equipment. Relays can be pulsed or latched and also controlled by multiple sources. 

Davicom’s Neuro can accept a mix and match of up to five Axon I/O modules to give a flexible RTU with up to 45 configuration possibilities. 

Interconnected Axons and Neuros are capable of communicating among themselves as a network without an external server. Units can send bandwidth-efficient commands to control relays in remote Neuro/Axon-5R modules. Up to eight commands can be sent to other units and be triggered manually or automatically using the built-in ACTIONs or JOBs (also known as State Machines).

The devices can be configured as slaves to work with a MODBUS master, such as Davicom’s Cortex units. Of particular interest is the Cortex’s plug-and-play implementation of the MODBUS setup process. 

Axon modules will be available this summer and Neuro by October. 

The company’s NAB Show booth is W2952.

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