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Barix Releases Opus-Based Box

MA400 has SIP feature for added connection flexibility

There’s something comforting about seeing a new simple, little, shiny Barix box. This NAB Show the company is bringing out the MA400 which it describes as an IP codec having the “flexibility and ease of SIP-based link establishment with the quality and efficiency of the Opus compression format …”

Barix CEO Reto Brader explained, “Advanced broadcasters are moving away from static setups to SIP-based link establishment, particularly for remote contribution back to the studio such as from sporting events. That’s where the MA400 SIP Opus Codec comes in, establishing the connection through dial-up and then encoding and decoding the audio signal.”

Barix, MA400, 2019 NAB Show

Brader added, “… for SIP-based remote broadcast links the MA400 SIP Opus Codec is perfect.”

The company says that the bidirectional MA400 is built on Barix’s latest-generation, high-performance IPAM 400 audio module. It features an analog, microphone-level input and line-level output. The new units share the familiar space-efficient form factor.