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Broadcast Tools Updates AES Distribution Amplifier

This six-output AES/EBU digital DA replaces the company's AES DA 2x6.

Broadcast Tools AES DA 1x6 Distribution Amplifier, a blue metal hardware device that is a single rack unit high

Broadcast Tools is releasing an updated six-output AES/EBU digital audio distribution amplifier, the AES DA 1×6, replacing its AES DA 2×6.

The new hardware design includes dual (2x) power input jacks, allowing for redundant power with an optional second power supply.

The rear panel of the Broadcast Tools AES DA 1x6 Distribution Amplifier, showing its input and output connectors

The AES DA 1×6, six XLR output, one-input AES/EBU distribution amplifier is suitable for distributing AES/EBU signals or wordclock. The system’s transformer isolated input uses a standard XLR audio jack for balanced AES/EBU signals. Termination of the AES input is jumper-selectable between 110-ohm, 75-ohm, and open (no termination). The AES input is distributed to six transformer-isolated XLR output jacks.

An internal AES/EBU activity detector provides local and remote signal monitoring via front-panel LED indicators and a SPDT alarm relay. The alarm relay contacts are available on a rear plug-in euro-block connector. Signal bypass is built-in with XLR AES Input 1 passively routing to AES Output 1 in the event of power loss. A surge-protected universal switching desktop power supply with an IEC AC inlet is included, and a second power supply is optional, allowing for dual-redundant (2x) operation. Two units may be mounted on the optional Broadcast Tools “RA-1” 1RU rack shelf.

The product will be on display at the NAB Show by Broadcasters General Store, Booth C2213.