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M!ka Hush Enables Intuitive On-Air Signaling

Yellowtec adds useful accessory for its line of mic arms

New from Yellowtec is hush, a plug-and-play solution for the company’s m!ka family.

“Hush on-air controls now provide comfortable ways to handle your signalling,” the company says. “They are designed to fit Yellowtec’s famous m!ka mic arms with on-air indicator. There is no need for self-made solutions or compromises anymore.”

Two versions of m!ka hush are available. Hush offers control over your m!ka mic arm’s LED signalling, while the hush+ version adds high-end mic preamp settings. 

“Hush+ provides you with advanced mic preamp and control functions for your mic signal. A lot of microphones have a low sensitivity and need a preamp in front of their mixer. Hush+ allows you to set up to incredible 75 dB gain as high-end preamp. With –129dB input referred noise, it stands out.”

A hush device can be controlled via Yellowtec’s hush Remote, GPIs, USB-HID, USB-MIDI or external MIDI-interface. 

Via GPIs, any standard open collector output of a mixer can be connected. Via MIDI, hush gives you control over signalling via DAW. “For example, directly turn on your on-air indicator whenever you press record within your DAW software.” For USB-HID mode, libraries are available to support writing your own software tools. 

M!ka and Yellowtec’s litt signalling device can both be controlled via GPO.

The company’s NAB Show booth is W3173.

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