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NAB Sneak Peek: 2wcom Debuts HDR-CC

The capture client is designed to facilitate delivery of additional HD Radio channels

2wcom, HDR-CC, 2020 NAB Show2wcom has developed the HDR-CC, an HD Radio capture client for the delivery of additional HD Radio channels.

The company explains that by using the unit, users can set-up the importer IP address and directly connect audio to the small box’s XLR connectors. The box is able to accept one digital or analog stereo audio channel and provide it to an importer. The unit also sends the compressed audio via IP using an HD Radio codec. The HDR-CC can thus be located in a different location than the importer. Due to HDR-CC’s sound processing capabilities the loudness is almost the same as on the main program.

In addition, 2wcom says the unit simplifies audio switching for emergency alerts. Utilizing a new feature Xperi has implemented in Generation 4 importers, a single HDR-CC is able to provide the entire emergency alert for all supplemental channels on the transmitter.

The company points out that the only set-up required is an AES audio connection to the capture client and a GPI to trigger the alarm. When the alarm is triggered the HDR-CC logs into the importer and replaces all supplemental channels (HD2–HD4) with the alarm program. After the GPI is released the HDR-CC logs out and the importer continues with normal operation.

NAB Show Booth: C12431