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Tieline Simplifies Codec IP Networking

TieLink Traversal Server introduced

Codec specialist Tieline has introduced a tool for marshaling codecs scattered across remote location but connected by the internet.

The TieLink Traversal Server is designed to locate, link and manage a codec network.

Tieline TieLink, codecs, 2019 NAB Show

Jake Daniluck, Tieline Sales Americas, said, “The TieLink Traversal Server ensures you will no longer need to worry about complex IP network configuration with Tieline codecs. … Whether you are running a large network with hundreds of IP codecs, or a small station with just a few, TieLink makes connecting over IP a simple, no-fuss task for nontechnical broadcast personnel.”

TieLink Traversal Server provides NAT traversal, often a sticking point in dealing with remote codecs. In addition it adds discovery of network attached codecs and facilitates the introduction of new codecs. It will also organize contacts lists and groupings along with working with the company’s Cloud Codec Controller.

Tieline says it is free to use with all G5 Genie and Merlin codecs. Traversal Server licenses can be purchased for Bridge-IT and Bridge-IT XTRA codecs.


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