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Wheatstone Goes Virtual

Glass LXE bows at NAB Show

For pure eye candy deliciousness at the 2019 NAB Show, Wheatstone is bringing out its virtual console, the Glass LXE.

Modeled on the company’s LXE console, Glass LXE takes it to the touchscreen. It will function within the WheatNet-IP environment, including  attached consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories and SIP phone and codec distribution appliances.

The Glass LXE GUI imitates the physical look of the hardware LXE while also matching functionality, including familiar buttons, knobs and multi-touch navigation and menus for setting EQ curves, filtering and other custom settings, according to the company.

Wheatstone Applications Engineer Kelly Parker said, “You can run it on a laptop or on multiple PC screens from a cloud. Glass LXE can be used alone or combined with the physical LXE surface to give broadcasters full console control anywhere that’s needed, and on a UI that is very familiar.”

Glass LXE comes with a hardware mix engine.


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