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NAB Sneak Peek: MultiCAM Systems Adds Interaction to Streaming Media

ARES Interactive Media platform lets viewers ask questions, participate in contests and be interviewed in real-time

MultiCAM Systems has integrated two-way interactivity into its video production systems, which include MultiCAM Radio and MultiCAM Studio.

According to the company, using the ARES Interactive Media platform developed by MultiCAM Systems partner ARES Interactive Media, streaming media originators can now receive online comments from viewers in real time. These viewers can also ask the host questions as well as participate in online contests and polls during streaming events.

When integrated within the MultiCAM Radio automated visual radio system and MultiCAM Studio for local TV and PEG stations and live remotes, the ARES Interactive Media platform allows show producers to contact viewers during live video streams, and put them “on air” using the viewers’ own web cams. The platform can support an online video window of the host, plus windows of the viewers being interviewed.

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MultiCAM adds that the ARES Interactive Media platform further immerses viewers into the event by allowing webcasters to utilize them as production resources. For example, the ARES Interactive Media platform allows on-air hosts to poll audiences on their views during live broadcasts, compile those results automatically and deliver the results in seconds. In addition, says the firm, hosts can deliver a breaking news story by using the links supported by ARES Interactive Media to reach people in the affected area.

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