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WATCH: ENCO Shows ClipBoard

Video interview with Mark Stewart in the ENCO booth

ENCO, ENCO Systems, ClipBoardIn Las Vegas, manufacturer ENCO Systems introduced ClipBoard, an IP control surface that it says goes beyond limitations of traditional button boxes, allowing for images and visual confirmation of playout to be displayed on OLED screen buttons.

“In the fast paced environment of a radio studio, operators need to be able to find and play assets at a moments notice,” the company said. “ClipBoard allows for that by having a visual representation of the audio or video asset on the button itself so operators can simply press the button on the control surface.” In the video below, Mark Stewart offers a quick tour.

The company says the user can get instant, physical access to all video, audio, and graphics without having to jump between screens or use a mouse and keyboard.

“When an asset is played, ClipBoard displays a countdown timer on the button itself, providing instant visual feedback. Quickly locate clips by scanning the 8 pages of 48 OLED buttons for thumbnails, album artwork, or custom graphics. Each OLED button contains a 96×64 pixel display and is controlled via IP.”

ClipBoard buttons can trigger any asset available in the automation or playout system, including ENCO’s DAD. DCL (DAD Command Language) operability allows you to  access video switching commands, macros, trigger new recordings, and control broadcast devices via IP, serial, or GPI.  ClipBoard connects with an RJ45 cable into a network and is  “virtual environment friendly,” the company said.