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Shure Acquires Crowley and Tripp Mics

Deal is with Soundwave Research Labs

Shure now owns the intellectual property, microphone process equipment, product designs and other assets related to the Crowley and Tripp line, according to RW sister publication Pro Sound News.

Shure will manufacture ribbon microphones in its Wheeling, Ill., facility using the Roswellite shape-memory acoustic ribbon material developed by Soundwave Research. Shure will also assume responsibility for service and support for owners of Crowley and Tripp ribbon mic products.

“Ribbon microphones have always been prized for their warm sound quality, but older designs are delicate, which has limited their applications,” stated Scott Sullivan, Shure’s senior director of global product management. He said the acquisition of the Crowley and Tripp line allows Shure to “extend the use of ribbon microphones to the stage in addition to their use in the studio.”